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Speyside Glenlivet

Country of Origin: Scotland
TDS: 58
pH: 7.7
Altitude: 1000 FT
Discovery of Source: Ancient

Speyside Glenlivet brings a special statement of Celtic elegance to Airpark Coffee's UK & Ireland Collection. Speyside is drawn from the 500 million year old Braes of Glenlivet rock formation, situated inside the Crown Estate of Glenlivet. Despite Speyside's geological antiquity, the brand is relatively new as a commercial source, which modern connoisseurs applaud in cases where the source has been confirmed as pristine. Speyside presents itself as a superior line in distinctive, dignified glass bottles - the label's face is gorgeous, and it also reads transparently through the back of the bottle. At 58 mg/liter of total minerals, Speyside is lighter than Tau and Gleneagles, and virtually Sodium-free and Nitrate-free. As ultra-premium brands packaged in fancy glass go, this one is definitely worth the money. Comes large and small, and in still and sparkling.

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